Smart Home Automation

Smart Solutions for your home

Just purchased a new home or apartment? About to start that major renovation? Start thinking about technology now. Not after you move in.

Why? Because this is what happens when you don’t plan for technology or it becomes an afterthought.

Technology in the home is no longer a luxury consideration for the select few. It’s a given for most of us. (You’ve got to be able to Google and update your Facebook, right?)


resi automation 2

Today’s homes have become veritable nerve centers for information and entertainment technology. Here are just some of the systems you might be considering:

  • Distributed Audio & Video
  • Home Theater / Media rooms
  • Lighting & Motorized Shade Control
  • Safety & Security Systems
  • Video Surveillance
  • Voice / Data Networks
  • HVAC Control Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Landscape, Pool & Spa
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Some questions to consider

  • Who’s going to guide you in the myriad choices available to you in each of these categories?
  • Who’s going to coordinate all of this technology?
  • How are you going to control all of these systems?
  • How do you plan for these systems in your design

That’s where we come in

With the rapid convergence of computer, entertainment and information technologies all coming together in your home, you need someone who knows how it all fits together. At Ultimate Sound & Installations, we’ll work together with you and your design team to make all the technology disappear. We’ll integrate all of these systems under one elegant and simple to use control interface.