Motorized Shades

All from the touch of a button

Did you know motorized shades can enhance your lighting control system and reduce your energy costs all at the same time?

That’s right. With motorized shades you now control your most important lighting source; natural light. Let’s face it, you can’t beat the glow of natural light filling your home and showing off your home’s true colors.
resi shades 2

Save additional energy beyond the routine use of shades

With a built in astronomical clock your motorized shades can follow the sun. Your shades can open with the sunrise and lower to block the afternoon sun. Motorized shades also allow you to take control of your energy bill while helping the environment. For example, in summer while you’re off at the beach, your shades are working to help you save on cooling costs by automatically lowering to a preset level, blocking the heat from the harsh midday sun.
resi shades 3
resi shades 4

Now that’s hot!

Likewise, in winter you can now put the sun to work while you’re off doing yours. Set your shades to automatically raise so the sun can naturally heat up your home and lower that heating bill. Let Ultimate Sound & Installations guide you through the many motorized shading and drapery options available to you and integrate them seamlessly into your lifestyle.