Networking & Wifi

A functional home

Want to know what the new buzz word is today in Smart Home technology?

Networks. Technology is no longer an option in your home. It’s a way of life. Whether for home entertainment, homework or home office you need a foundation for your digital needs as solid as the one that’s holding up your home.

resi networking 2

Your out of the box, off the shelf solutions will no longer cut in today’s fast paced world.

You now have streaming music and movies, video gaming, video conferencing from home all going on at the same time. Then you have home automation running the various systems in your home on top of that. That’s an awful lot of digital traffic sending valuable information back and forth.

Every device in your home is fast becoming a network device. Your TV is talking to your cable box and your phone is talking to your ice box.

Which means if you don’t have a proper network set up in your home, you might as well go back to rotary telephones because you’re going to be living in the dark ages.

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From concept to completion

At Ultimate Sound & Installations, our certified IT experts can design and install the perfect network for your home or business needs. We’ll assess your particular needs as they relate to network speed and security. Then we’ll examine the layout of your home to identify the proper placement and amount of network devices to create a seemless and secure WiFi environment theroughout your home. That means no dropped signals and the comfort of knowing your information is totally secure. We’ll keep your network traffic flowing smoothly and securely and make all this technology disappear so you can get back to the business at hand.