Crestron – Work From Home Experience 👍

Nov 28, 2022 | Home Entertainment

Crestron Home Office Solutions

Now more than ever the old saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” is so true. Today’s remote working environment requires all of us to adapt to rapidly changing communication technology. That’s why we offer our clients the very best in professional home video conferencing systems.

One standout video conferencing and presentation system that we are recommending is the new Crestron Flex System. With Crestron’s Flex System you can wirelessly connect to your TV and conduct meetings, deliver presentations and enjoy content sharing ability. Here are just a few of the awesome system features:

  • One-Touch Single or Dual Display Support
  • High-Precision, HD Intelligent Cameras With 150 Degree Field of Vision
  • Stand-alone System Controlled or Connected via Your Smart Home Automation Controller
  • 360° Quad Microphone Arrays, Beamforming and Mic Pod Technology for Crystal Clear Sound
  • Zoom Rooms, Microsoft Team, Skype & GoToMeeting Compatibility

The quality of sound and sight is so important for professionals working from home. With Crestron’s Flex System forget being hunched over your computer all day and enjoy the freedom of convenience wireless video conferencing control. Upgrade your Zoom Room today with a professionally installed Flex System. To learn more on all Creston’s Home Automation Systems go to:

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