Our Wireless Technicians and Installers Take On a “Mission Impossible Project”!

Jan 12, 2022 | Home Entertainment

One of our Manhattan clients recently wanted us to install a new cable feed and set up a wireless internet environment in his apartment. The first challenge was the cable box and internet router were installed in an outside hallway service closet. Snaking new co-ax and CAT 6 cables over the ceiling and into the apartment’s service closet required careful layout planning and cable routing skill. Once we were in the apartment by the front entry door, we had to chop through plaster and wire lathe to snake the cables into a small service closet which luckily had power. However, as we discovered, the outlet was dead. Our technicians traced the problem to a disconnected wiring set-up in the Kitchen’s AC splice box. Next, we had to chop the ceiling in the entry, Living Room, and certain sections of the interior walls to run the cables, including a special 100′ long HDMi cable, from the tiny interior service closet to the new TV.
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Added to the complexity of this apartment installation, the owners just painted the apartment, and the new apartment owners would soon arrive. Fortunately, the General Contractor (GC) working on the apartment could plaster the holes, paint, and finish installing the new cabinetry.

When the GC was done with his work, we returned with another team to install the cable box, modem, new TV, and a Smart Wall Pad for lighting control.

On the surface, many smart-home and wireless set-up projects look easy, and homeowners immediately think it’s a DIY Project. But the reality is you are better off hiring a professional whose knowledge and experience will save you time, stress, and money.

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